Coping with the feeling of violation.

This last month there have been many car prowls/break-ins in my old neighborhood. My boyfriend and many of my friends still live in that hood, I live one hood over now. I feel the tension, I know it well. This last week my boyfriend and his roommates were burglarized. I too, know the feelings this causes. Several years ago I came home to find my place had been broken into. I am not a rich person. I did not have renter’s insurance and I certainly had no way to recovery the losses.

For nearly two months after that, I would get a knot in my stomach as I walked to my door. Would I find everything as I had left it, or would I have to clean up a mess again? I had issues sleeping and my appetite went down some. I would not want to be home, but I was afraid to leave the apartment. I was a prisoner of my own fear and anxiety. It took a long time and it took focus to overcome those feelings. I empathize with anyone who has endured this. Having your home violated, changes everything about it. Your home is your place of sanctuary, in fact on my check ins for Facebook, my home is named The Sanctuary. I truly feel that your home is the one place that you are free. You typically fill your home with things that comfort you, or that you enjoy. Things that remind you of better times.

I was so glad to move out within a year or two after that incident. I truly never did feel at ease there after that. Sadly what the thieves took from the boys was a few computers and stuff that was only of sentimental value. Things like a watch that belonged to a grandfather. Worthless and not running, yet of value to the person it belonged to. So the violation goes deeper than just the loss of things. It is the loss of your security, your right to feel safe is taken. Sometimes the mental anguish is much greater than the person lets on.  The only way to really conquer it, is to continue with life as usual.  I know it is hard, but you give power to the thieves by letting your anxiety and fear paralyze you.  Moving forward is the only destination.

Taking back your life is your only defense in these types of violations.



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