AlleyCat Acres 2012 fundraiser and bike team!

This upcoming year I am co-captaining a bike team for my Garden/bike group AlleyCat Acres.  I am excited to be able to be part of this group.  We are working hard on a few projects and I am totally excited to get this ball rolling.  So soon I will start my fundraising endeavors and hope to be one of the top.  After the meeting today I am more excited to get going on this bike team and the bike riding.

So I am just posting this out there if anyone is inclined to sponsor me on the ride.  Grand prize I hear is a trip to DC to sit in on some food policy sessions.  So click here to go to the donation page, and I will be raising money for the tour de cure in a few months.  As I get ready to hit the streets again, I feel so out of shape.  My bike has been resting comfortably in my apartment for a couple of months.  I truly wish I had been able to ride in the snow.  No wait, I loathe snow, naw staying home and cooking more food than an army can eat was therapeutic.

Earlier this month, Richard bought a new bike.  He bought a bike two summers ago so he could ride with me.  He bought a pretty bike, but not well made and not practical.  I rode it before I got my new bike for a few months.  I just thought he was out of shape and didn’t understand gearing.  Nope, not him at all.  That bike is made for 1-2 mile and around the neighborhood trips.  My daughter is taking that bike, since she has never really biked before.  I hope eventually she gets that pesky biking bug.  I know she has the food bug, now she wants to get her business degree, then go on to culinary school.  Maybe I should go to culinary school ;).

Today we have our second official team ride, anyone may join us.  I am excited to get my bike out and explore.  I know the weather is cold, but not so cold we will not have fun. So just like every morning I am up early.  Not really early, but early enough.  I have been jittery all week, and I forgot to print my discount coupons. 😦  We are riding through the Arboretum and then onto the Burke Museum to see a new food oriented display.  Cannot wait.  I hope to post a follow up this afternoon, maybe pictures.


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