If only Real Food had the same advertising pull that junk food has, pssst George Orwell was right.

What if we saw plastered on a huge billboard or the side of the bus, a picture of a bountiful variety to real food, including grains and veggies, fruit and even fish or poultry? What if beneath that sign it said America’s new Farmacy?  What if we dined on real food every meal?  What if for some strange reason the government decided to give you a tax write of on things like fresh produce, gym membership and running shoes?  Would this motivate us to eat healthier and be more active?  It would motivate me, but alas I am a unique case.  I am not swayed by commercialism, and capitalism creates a great stress in my life.  I am a true individual.  I do not want what everyone else has, I want the things that make me happy.  Those would be things like a roof over my head, some warm blankets, a nice cup of tea, some nights out to drink myself silly, good friends, great food, and adventures outside.  These things for the most part cannot be bought.  I am that sliver of a percent that barely contributes to our society economically.

So my thought here is, if I were in charge of things, well life would be way different.  First off corporations would not be in control of the governing bodies.  In fact the people would be in control.  I would give tax deductions for steps made for a healthier lifestyle.  I would require health insurance to cover you no matter what.  I would also require them to give great discounts for healthy lifestyle points.  I might even require them to cover a gym membership as part of the discount.  I think we could reduce the cost of health care, if we focused on supporting real food instead of medication as the answer.  Instead of getting insulin maybe we should initially prescribe two kale leaves, a bulb of garlic and some mushrooms.

When my kids were small, my husband and I were in a bitter divorce.  I took it upon myself to take as many parenting classes as possible.  If I didn’t have the money to fight him in court I could certainly do everything I could to provide proof I was the stronger parent.  It actually worked, but more importantly I learned many skills that could apply to things outside of raising children.  For example:  let the punishment fit the crime.  So if a food supplier fails to keep their production plants clean of pathogens, by  God they should have to lick that table and floor clean.  They want to send out tainted foods, they can be the first to ensure its safety.  Gage whether to send questionable food out, by if the CEO gets sick.  While we are at it, let’s make sure insurance company policies are the same for the clients as they are for the CEO and employees.

The absurdity of these suggestions are brought to you by the absurdity in the system we now support.  We rewarded Wall Street with bailouts, when we should have thrown those jerks in prison.  Let them be America’s Bitch for a moment, instead of the hard working people.   Our government is so wrapped around the corporations little fingers that We the people do not have a chance.  So if our votes do not count, what does?  Oh you guessed it, the same thing that keeps the corporations on top.  We need to vote with our dollars.  Yes, I went there.  We the people united, have the power to evoke change.  We have the power to bankrupt corporations.  But we all have to stand together.  You want WalMart out of your neighborhood, then for God Sake do not ever shop there.  If no one shops there, it goes out of business.  Ok I know now you will tell me that WalMart provides jobs for many people in your neighborhood.  No WalMart enslaves your neighbors and keeps them at part time so they do not have to provide health care.  What happens when that big corporation shuts down?  Smaller businesses have a chance to shine.  Smaller businesses can employ those that just got laid off.  But for this to happen we have to invest in our local small business.  Just like we need to invest in our local food supply.  If this concept is too foreign for you, check out the documentaries, “The Corporation” and “Freedom Fries: and other stupidity we will have to explain to our grandchildren.”  Both of these do a fine job of laying out how the system really works.  If you took US Government as  Junior in High School, you will be amazed at the differences from what you learned from a text book and what reality is in how our government works.  And then you may cry.  But you will hopefully be fueled with a determination to change things.




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