We are all our own advocates.

I read an article the other day in Bicycling Magazine, about how the worst enemies for bicycle infrastructure was actually misbehaving cyclist.  I thought about this as I read the article twice.  And there is a point there.  Most of us have needs and wants to be met.  Those in charge of granting those objects are often scrutinizing your every move.  Seriously have you ever been through a rough divorce?  I can tell you that whatever you do will be twisted into the most inaccurate description in front of a judge.  So a Friday night having a few drinks, suddenly becomes a huge orgy with the kids sleeping in the room next door.

So when we want things to make our lives more pleasant and safer we need to remember that those rules already in place must be followed.  Yielding to a pedestrian is a biggie for me.  As a cyclists with a few seasons I have seen many cyclists fail to yield.  This is part of my reasoning for not joining a bike club or riding in Critical Mass.  Making a complete nuisance of yourself is probably harming more than helping.  Are we so self righteous that we forget the rights of others to enjoy the streets and neighborhoods?

So as an advocate for myself and for safe streets for all, I implore you to please obey the traffic rules.  Stop at stop signals and signs, yield to the person who actually has the right of way, and for the love of humanity yield to pedestrians, they too are advocating for safe streets.  Why create enemies when you can have ally.


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