Change is difficult, but needed.

As I contemplate my current employment situation, I realize it is time for a change.  I went back to school to work on food policy and advocacy.  In my current employment state, I commute by bike an hour in  the morning and an hour and a half if I go all the way home in the evening.  As of late I have not been going home, but stopping at my significant other’s place and crashing.  Working 10-12 hour days is not really bike commuting friendly.  Some of my co-workers point out this is my choice, which it is.  However, it was my choice to bike and work 8 hour days.  I have not been able to do anything in the evenings for the past month.  

Every year my supervisor goes on vacation.  We get stupid busy and highly overworked.  I have not really been happy for some time.  I think if my lab were closer to home and downtown, I might not feel this way.  Surely, I digress.  The point is that I am needing to move forward.  

I discovered that my passion for food policy outweighs my need for my current paycheck.  Not to say I do not need or wish to be paid, but that to change my situation I must be willing to endure hardship.  I have found a position that is probably lower wage than mine, less structured hours and probably more weekend and night work.  The upside is that I can see the potential of this position and I can see being able to transfer to other states and it gets me into food advocacy and policy.  I am feeling genuinely confident that this is the right route to take.  

I have stayed with my company for 8 years.  Every year this intolerable situation occurs.  I do not hate my job, but I have lost my passion for it.  I am at that burn out stage and it is time to move forward.  I am a huge advocate for change, but the first step is always the hardest.  I am embracing the challenge.  I look forward to the next step.


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