Hidden gems in my kitchen.

Every other Wednesday I get a great delivery of fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  Unlike a true CSA I am always given a specific amount of produce.  Most of it is local some is imported from other areas, such as California in the Winter.  I can add to and take away as I need to.  I used to get a big bin once a week when I had the kids home all the time.  I found myself throwing much of it out as they were not home as often.  One would think that a $30 bin bi-weekly would barely feed a person.  WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

Are we clear here, that is a misconception.  The bigger bin was $40 and I struggled to use it all up before the next bin arrived.  Today was my delivery.  I got home dreading this, because I have not really cooked at home much in the last two weeks.  This means a purge and creative dinner night.

Half a head of cabbage, two carrots and two spring onions, add some mayo, vinegar, sugar, salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper and plenty of ground cumin: you have a spicy cole slaw, about 3 days worth.  OK, lunch is covered through Friday and I had some for dinner.  One yellow crookneck squash, some kale that has seen better days, spring onion, fresh garlic (not the dried kind, like just out of the ground kind) sesame oil, sesame seeds, tamari, saracha, and some of those weird clear rice noodles: you have a very tasty veggie and noodle dish.

I now only have potatoes left over, a leek  and some cucumbers.  I will use the cukes for a sandwich tomorrow to go with my spicy slaw.  I now need to proceed in making some potato soup.  If my daughter comes over tomorrow she will likely eat that up.  Then all I have to worry about is this loaf of bread I made last week.  Anyone want some rosemary garlic wheat bread?  I got a double loaf.  Maybe I will have to freeze it.



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