UpHill Battles

I bought my bike to cut down the cost of my commute to and from work.  At present it costs me $3.00 both ways if I ride during peak hours.  This cost almost as much as gas in a car.  Why am I willing to pay that and not own a car?  Initially when I ditched the wheels it was $2.25 at peak times.  I bought a monthly pass.  But as I moved to bigger places my rent went up.  Coming up with nearly $100 at the same time rent is due was not feasible.  I bought a scooter first.  I still own her, but she is not very environmentally sound.  I should ride her more often but my environmental side balks at the idea.

I bought the bike when I was 6.5 miles closer to where I work.  Three years ago I moved back to the Central Area of Seattle.  Not the CD but close to it.  I now ride that big old beast almost 20 miles a day round trip.  Some days I go further to go visit friends, join in activities or go to the doctor.  This would not be a huge issue, except that I live on Beacon Hill.  It matters not which direction you come from, that hill is an obstacle.  I have managed to make it all the way up from the South end twice and twice from the North End.  Everyday when I get home, I am so tired I just want a drink some dinner and to fall into bed, but no, I have to clean cook, and do laundry.  My knees often hurt, beyond belief.  Tonight is one of those nights.  I truly want nothing more than an ice pack some ibuprophen, a stiff drink and some dinner.

It is all I can do some mornings to get out of bed.  The ride to work is not my issue, it is mostly downhill.  On my way home I drag my feet.  I stop at my partner’s place, sometimes saying screw it and staying the night.  This week I am making an effort to fight that uphill battle and win.  Once I get up the hill the rest of the ride goes by quickly.  What I need is to motivate myself and challenge myself to get up that beastly hill on my beastly bike.  If I can do it once it can be done, and if I do it on a regular basis that makes me a truly badass biker chick, right?


Disclaimer, this is not my picture, I just copied it off a website.


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