My American Dream

I have a dream, was Martin Luther King’s legacy.  He did have a dream. So did Rodney King.  They both had a dream of peace and equality.  Not so very different, but in very different situations.  One was respected, one was mocked as a fool.  Both were hoping for change.  I too have a dream, not so very different.  An America where my vote actually matters.  An America where humanity matters above corporations.  A dream that I believe our forefathers held as well.

In our current World, life is valued upon your monetary worth.  People are murdered for ipods and cars.  Sad to think that my life is worth less than a $200 piece of technology.  We live is society where corporations own our government.  When we feel helpless to change the system, I see despair.  We celebrate the birth of our nation by blowing up gunpowder in the sky.  Such destruction as a form of celebration may say a lot about our society.

I am not patriotic, I used to be.  Last week I found a picture of my family taken in 2001.  We all wore red, white and blue, t-shirts and fleece vests, with a n American Flag that I held up behind us.  It was right after 9-11.   I felt compelled to be patriotic.  I had friends that decorated their whole home in flags.  I remember how impassioned I was back then.

I remember the day my American Dream died.  We bombed Iraq.  I was confused why we did so.  Osama was not in Iraq.  I remember asking my patriotic friend why we were attacking there, she looked at me with steel cold eyes.  Her reply stopped me cold.  She seriously informed me that we do not question this president, he was sent to us from God.  At that moment I felt a chill down my spine.  I know for a fact that Germany did not question Hitler.  The moment we stop questioning our leadership is the moment that corruption is irreversible.

I do not celebrate our country on this day.  It is just another day off for me.  I celebrate my relationships.  My friendships, and my family.  What I celebrate on a daily basis is humanity.  I love people and I always hope for the best in every person I come in contact with.   I hope that my first impression is a positive one, in both directions.

Today I heard a song.  One of my favorite songs of all time. A song that sums up everything about my life, my dreams and my hope.  My American dream is not one of accumulation of wealth and power but about peace and equality.  My dream is that one day social status is non-existent and that every human on the planet is accepted by every other human.  We may not like every person we meet, but we can accept that they have the right to live, breath and dream just as we do.  My dream is……….



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