The most awesome App Ever

Ok well in my humble opinion, I have found the best app ever.   I got it on my “Android”.  Oh you know an non-Android Android phone.  It is called 101 revolutionary ways to a healthy lifestyle.  Anytime open it, it takes me to 1 of 101 categories.  Each category opens into about 4 short articles.  Today I realized that this App is sponsored by Experience Life magazine.  Each article is helpful, in a multitude of areas.  Be it finances, to spirituality, to basic fitness.  The idea is to read an article that will uplift you or inform you in some way of your ability to escape the traps of consumerism.  Basically most of our modern blights are caused by the excessive spending of money we do not have, or the laziness incrued by gadgets that make life easier, or even our loss of self worth.  All of these point directly back to consumerism.

Today this App took me to the World of finance.  Not exactly my best subject.  It was about escaping debt and becoming debt free.  I digress that I did not have the time to read the articles, which I am linking here, but the premise is genuinely a great idea.

Although, I am a lover of magazines, I am trying very hard not to get hard copies of any for environmental and personal reasons.  I am hoping to be able to  digitally subscribe to many issues in the future.



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