Move more eat less, at least eat less processed stuff.

Ok so two years ago, I stepped on the scale and it read 228lbs.  I nearly fainted.  How did I get so big.  I didn’t feel that overweight.  I know I am heavy, but pictures of me always look bad.  That was April of 2010.  I was frustrated.  I was feeling depressed.  Here I had been riding a bike for several years, yet I was at the heaviest I remember.  Well I didn’t have a scale when I was married so I could have been heavier then.

I am a vegetarian, so how could I fall into the obese range.  Seriously what the hell?  A few months before that, some guy at the bus stop was checking out my bike.  Asking how long I had to ride? I told him nearly 22 miles a day, but not that day.  He asked how long I had been riding, I answered that I had gotten my bike in 2006.  He looked at the bike, looked at me and actually said, you think you would be skinny by now.   I was so astonished, I stammered that I liked beer a lot!.  What a rude person, but at that same time, he was right.  With that much riding, I should be skinny by now.

So in April, I began my quest to seriously drop my weight.  I did it too.  I lost nearly 60lbs by September.  The secret was that I stopped being lazy and putting my bike on the bus to go up the hill home.  I tackled every hill.  I may have had to walk but damn-it, I was going to lose that weight.  I was looking good, too.  I got into a size 12 pants for the first time in years.  I had been a 14-18 most of my adult life.  Even slipping into 22. The other thing that helped drop that weight was I stopped buying and consuming processed foods.  I would make a smoothie of fruit only every morning.  I would not eat bread, poached or hard boiled eggs only.  I watched my portions, and took a to-go box anytime we went out.  I focused not only on my food and exercise but also my waste stream.  The less packaging I had to dispose of the better the food I was consuming was.

Over the next few months people started to notice the weight loss.  I was excited, I felt good about myself for the first time in forever.  I dropped that weight and I improved my health, but a drawback was that I allowed my body to be depleted of certain nutrients, such at B-12 and Vitamin D.  Being a vegetarian, I had not realized the consequences of removing all processed foods from my life.  I had to either add more meats or supplements.

Tragedy changed my life forever a few months later.  In March of 2011 I was rear ended on my bicycle, thrown through a windshield and ended in the hospital for several days.  The recovery process was long and painful, but the worst part was being dependent on other people to help feed you.  People like your children, who did not want to saute greens for dinner and cook beans and grains for you.  So many processed foods were reintroduced.  It doesn’t help that other than a few hours of rehab, for 3 months I did not hardly leave my apartment.  No real physical activity and bad food took me nearly to the place I was when I started.

The weight came back, the pain kept me from physical activity.  I have slowly started working on it again.  I had to get past my depression, my anxiety and my fears.  I had to get back to some semblance of structure in my life.  I needed to regain my discipline.  I am working on being way more active, but that is not enough if you overeat or eat the wrong kinds of foods.  I know I can do it.  I just have to push through.

Yesterday, I went on a bike ride with a co-worker who just bought a bike and was looking for someone to ride with this weekend.  We biked 33.76 miles, give or take.  I then biked back home adding 6.5 miles to that.  I made fresh Bruschetta and a huge salad for dinner.  This morning I had some chard to be used so I sauteed it up with onions and some zucchini and patty pan squash.  I added a couple of eggs scrambled up with some feta to it.  Made for a very tasty breakfast.  I ate half and I will have the rest for breakfast tomorrow.  Initially my plan was to bus down to Georgetown and play tennis with a friend.  After breakfast and some fresh coffee, I just could not justify taking the bus on such a gorgeous day.  So I packed up my bike with a tennis racket and some tennis balls along with sunscreen and water.  I took the 6.5 mile trek down the hill to meet my friend.

Neither of us have played tennis in years.  The goal was to move more and eat less today.  We did not keep score, since neither of us remembered how to really play.  We just got out there and whacked the ball around.  As our time on the court went on you could see both of gaining more control of our swings, him more so than myself.  I am happy to announce that we will both feel pain after playing for nearly an hour and a half.  Biking only uses certain muscles, and at some point you hit a plateau and you need to change your movements. I am of the school that whatever physical activity I am doing should be fun, otherwise I probably will not do it for any length of time. So as of today, we plan on getting out there about twice a week.  I ride daily and with that addition of tennis, we should start to see some serious weight loss, but I have to remember my rules about eating real food.

As I left, I was tempted to call Richard and ask if I could drive his car home.  I was feeling rubbery and didn’t want to bike home.  But I decided that I can do this.  So I hopped on my bike and for the third time, I conquered Beacon Hill going North!  Hell yeah, who is the wimp now? Not this bad-ass Biker chick!



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