Further Confessions of a cyclist.

So as stated in the previous post, I borrowed my significant other’s car last week.  With all the frustration that goes with driving, I did not mention getting gas.  I tried twice to put gas in the car, the first was unsuccessful and pissed me off.  I wanted to ride my bike on Friday.  I had not ridden since the previous Friday and I was feeling it.  My significant other informed me that he may get off work early.  Ok, so I am at the mercy of his schedule now. I have to take the car and be prepared to leave work early if needed.

He did not get off work early or even on time. But I decided to go to this little German Deli and get him some Spaetzel and dumplings, some German beer and chocolate and some sausages.  If he is insistant on eating meats, the least I can do is ensure they are of good quality and not the standard grocery store crap.  I then decided to head to my place, pick up some things and then get gas.  

I always forget that the Shell station by my apartment for some unknown reason will not take my debit card at the pump. It never has.  I put the nozzle in the car and tried to run the card.  It made me go inside. The cashier couldn’t figure out how to run the card.  He said the nozzle has to be hung up.  The other attendant walked out the fix it.  He then ran my card again, still not working.  He tried again and said, pump 3 right?  Uhhhh no my car is at 9, the only car out there.  By then I was furious.  I told him to forget it, swore at him and marched out.  The other guy followed me and informed me he would show me how to use my own card.  Uh no idiot, I have been coming here for 5 years and it never works.  I could go across the street and it would work at that station, which is what I should have done.

I went back to Richard’s work to wait for him, and found out he was at least another half hour away. Ok, so I try the Chevron station over by where I work.  I manage to find the only pump that will not take a card.  Are you freaking for real?  I walk to the station to pay inside and this idiot, and I mean idiot, has this Ford Escalade with 20 inch rims window all rolled down blaring some of the crappiest music, if you really consider it music, from the vehicle.  I get over to the vehicle and realize that the idiot is not even out there.  WTF, why you auditorally assaulting me if you are not even here to listen to this crap????  Now I am seriously pissed.  I get inside and there is a line.  The idiot belonging to offensive vehicle is buying two swisher sweets cigars and two blunt wraps and doesn’t have enough money. Ok wow you are a menace to society, first I have to assaulted autitorally and now I have to wait for your stupid ass to find pennies to count out.  Are you for real?  Oh and he totally looked the part.  Baggy shorts, two pairs actually, hat on sideways with gold chains all over.  I always wonder how you gonna run from the police with your pants so far down you cannot run and chains that slow your thuggish ass down? Foo!

Well, he finally gets in the ghetto mobile and stop taking up space.  I get up to the register and the cashier sees two cell phones on the counter.  Asks if they are mine.  Nope the fool with the ridiculously loud music in the ridiculously impractical vehicle counting pennies left those.  The cashier asks me if I will flag him down.  HELL TO THE FUCK NO! Serves that fool right if he gets his gang-banger wannabe self all the way down to the next burger joint and finds no phones.  Be lucky if he can remember where they are.  You will just run my card to pay for the gas and let me get the hell away from this joint!

So not only is traffic shitty in a car, caring for the car can add stress.  Just remember that biker chick that seemed agitated at you for being an idiot at the gas station, well it was not her first time falling out of the turnip truck!



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