Challenge to reduce your food waste

This weekend has been a lazy one.  Richard is on call, so we stayed at his place.  I went home Saturday to get some food and realized my daughter does not use my fresh produce at all.  She would rather have boxed food.  Ughhhh!  I simply wanted to grab a head of lettuce and some legumes for dinner and ended up with almost two bags of produce that needed to be consumed.  I think I am the only person on the planet with this issue.  Actually no, sadly I am not.  There have been studies and most average American families throw out over $2000 in produce a year.  Think about this.  That is a trip to NYC for a whole week, with airfare.

Yesterday afternoon, I took over the boys kitchen to use up as much as I could.  I created a tomatillo salsa. I have never used tomatillos before, but the salsa was superb.  I chopped and ditched lettuce, spinach and arugula to create a huge bowl and a half bowl of salad greens.  I thinned out the green onions and diced them up for said salad.  I sauteed up some potatoes and added the salsa over them for dinner last night.  I have salad for all of us tonight, Brian had some last night, and I will have some for lunch probably up to Wednesday. Wednesday is my veggie bin delivery.  Tonight I need to go grab some shitake mushrooms and saute up some chard along with peppers and then top those with said salsa.  I will cook up some lentils to mix into the chard and salsa and maybe add some roasted fingerling potatoes.

These are just this week,s produce issues.  I have these problems almost weekly, and I hardly shop.  I have not really inspected the drawer of fruit. I know there are plums and peaches and an apple, I think.  I also always have carrots.  I need to learn to eat more carrots or juice them better.  I have heard of the Refrigerator Challenge, and I am personally going to challenge myself starting in October, due to a trip next weekend.

In this final link, here are some great ideas on how to reduce your food waste. So in the month of October, I will be totally focused on reducing my food waste.  It is probably the biggest cost in my personal budget. If I can reduce this, I will hopefully start to save money for a trip in the next year.



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