Babbling from my drunken head

Ok so it is a Martini night. I mean gin and vermouth shaken over ice with a couple of nice queen olives. Yep, that is how I roll. I am on my third now. I have tormented all my facebook friends with strange music video links. The more I drink the more I think. Dangerous combo, I know. Seriously I could solve the World’s problems, but not remember the solution in an hour.

Today my thoughts are on the presidential race. Although I am biased, I still have valid opinions. If a candidate has the audacity to selectively focus on specific groups, then how can they represent the whole of what is the United States? I think this is the question we should focus on. If I am a candidate and I find people of different ethnicities to be unworthy of my focus, how in the hell can I represent them. It seems to me to be a character flaw. Can you represent a woman if you loathe them and find them inferior? Can you represent someone who made a dire mistake in their teens and no longer has the right to vote, if you feel that they are unworthy of justice? If you feel that you can represent people based on your bias, you are a fool. You are a bigot and a misogynist. You are in serious need of a reality check.

I am nobody.  I am of the 47 percent.  I am one who keeps hoping that OBAMA will pull a magic rabbit out of his hat, hell I wish he wore a hat.  I want him to create that change and instill the hope he promised in 2008.  I want the nation to be united, to embrace those that are left in the sidelines.  Those that are not part of what we consider normal society, they are the ones that are affected the most by public policy.  Do we as a community embrace them and bring them into the fold or do we abandon them.  As an individual, I understand abandoning those that are not willing to make the efforts, but as a society it is our responsibility.  So to the homeless drug addicts, we must lend a hand to feed and house them, and seek out moderate medical care.  As an individual, it is ok to wash your hands of that brother that just will never rehabilitate.  There is a line of justice to be drawn.  You as an individual have a family and yourself to help, we as a society have a responsibility to create a safety net and ensure that help is available to those that may one day seek it.

As a presidential candidate if you do not understand the basic roles of society, how can you lead it?


2 thoughts on “Babbling from my drunken head

  1. Humans on an individual basis are good willed and kind, but Humans amassed in large groups (society) are corrupt and Evil. It’s a Sheep complex, Most Humans don’t want to make the decisions, and are perfectly happy to let someone lead them down the path…..even if that path is straight to hell in a handbasket.

    Our political and social systems are broken. The human experiment is a failure. Man was given freewill and a lot of freedom to do what we wanted and look at us?…

    After thousands of years, we still spend the most energy, time, and money on killing each other, stealing from each other, and controlling each other…..and we do the same to our Planet.

    we are pathetic…. We probably deserve to become extinct and let another species take over.

    Sorry,, you caught me at a dark time

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