Wet and cold Sundays are for productivity

Yesterday I signed up to ride this ridiculous scavenger hunt by bicycle to gather things for the food bank.  It was called Cranksgiving.  Not only were we given a list of things to buy, but also a list of place to try to get to.  Unfortunately no map was given.  Nothing like getting lost in your own city.  The weather was great until the hunt started then the rain started.  My partner, a co-worker, who has never ridden in bad weather, was a great sport.  He and I rode all over the city and finally cheated at the end and took the light rail to the end.  There was a time limit so we had to get to the end.  We ended up missing the end, but it was great fun to ride with all this food for the food bank all across the city.


My partner was not game for this, but did show up with a great friend at the end and we all had some pizza and wine.  I got home and my apartment is in serious need of care.  After the long wet day I had, it was not a pressing concern for me.  We watched movies and drank a couple of beers and had  an early night.

Waking up on Sunday, I was just overwhelmed by the condition of my apartment.  I should stop and make a disclaimer here, my daughter moved back home and she is a terrible housekeeper.  She can be given a directive and still not get it done.  She tends to be lazy and she has all of these friends over constantly, so much that my landlord raised my rent to compensate for the water.  I almost need to come home nightly and scrub the place down, young adults are just filthy creatures!  I do not remember  being this dirty.  I was messy and unorganized, still am, but damn the floor is always sticky.

I woke up today with the intention of cleaning the kitchen a bit and then when Richard was ready to go, pack up my stuff and bike and go to his place for the night.  He is taking a friend to the Sounder’s game and I would have liked to go, but the friend is having relationship issues and I might be a sad reminder.  So I accepted this and as he was showering I started to think about it.  I would be spending around 5 hours alone at his place.  My place is really in high demand for my attention, and I have a dentist appointment in the morning near my place anyway.  I decided at the last minute that I would just stay here and work on cleaning and organizing.

I have organized my pantry and actually inventoried stuff.  The stark reality hit me, that I could totally not buy staples for about 2 months and still be fine food wise.  I decided to use some black eyed peas today and some kale.  I had tomatillas from someone’s garden that needed to be used up. I made up a batch of salsa and am thinking about topping the kale and peas with a bit of it.  I then cooked up a squash, not for today but dinner tomorrow and found some parsnips and a russet potato that I cooked up with a bit of cauliflower.  I was thinking of baking them up with some grated cheddar or parmesan.  I think my kitchen smells fantastic with all these smells teasing me.

I have forgotten how much time and energy I used to spend keeping the kitchen organized. Every Wednesday, I get a bin full of veggies.  I used to immediately start the prep for many of them.  Chopping up lettuce, and other greens for easy use.  Sometimes I would chop down celery and leeks for convenience.  It has been a few years since I put forth the effort.  Today I did this, and my fridge seems more accessible.

The whole ordeal has only taken 2.5 hours of actual work, yet my daughter cannot accomplish keeping the floor swept in 15 minutes.  I have to really get on her case before I try to choke her.


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