Focus on commonalities.

This is gonna be a quick one.  Since this last election showed exactly how fractured our country is, I thought i would create a quick little self help guide for the next political election.  Hopefully many politicians get this post!

1.  Focus on commonalities.

2. No negative ads.  Do not tell me about your opponent, tell me what you are gonna do for me.

3. Stop being so closed minded. Be open about why you are running, if it is for the power and the title then just freaking say it.

4. Just STOP!


So I think that covers most of it.  But hey I should point out the things that I have in common with the opposite political party:  Ok here goes….

1. I am human

2. I have feelings

3.  I have family and friends

4.  I breathe the same air

5.  I drink the same water

6.  I live my life on this little corner I call home

7.  I do know who Rush Limbaugh, Rev. Pat Robertson, Glenn Beck, and Newt Gingrich are.

And there are enough common things to at least give us something to find a conversation about.  Remember attacking the other side will win you no converts.


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