Food Budgets: How to get the most for your money and not eat crap.

I am going to do an experiment.  I am now saving all receipts with food purchases on them.  For the next two weeks I will be monitoring my cost with the food that I am eating.  So if you are bored with food, you probably want to avoid this segment.  Starting on Saturday is where the blog will begin.  Friday was a splurge and Richard bought much of the food, so I am not including it.  I will include the produce from Wednesday’s veggie bin, since I had not yet used any of it.  The veggie bin is organic and delivered every other Wednesday.  The money leaves my account on Fridays.

Early last week I took inventory of my fridge and my cupboards.  I also took a quick peek into my freezer, which is mostly full of frozen soups that I totally will be eating to get them out of my freezer.  This inventory cannot be accounted for in the costs, so I will make notes as I use them.

Saturday:  Breakfast was eggs, I had one over medium, he had two over easy with potatoes o’Brien.  I normally would have just made potatoes but I wanted to try this brand, which I can say was subpar, but it worked.  He also had three sausage patties, which he bought.  Considerate of him to not make me buy meat since I do not eat it. Total cost =$1.00.  This is not including the olive oil previously purchased, or the sausage.  Add in coffee and creamer, at about $.75 and grape fruit juice, fresh squeezed at $.98. So the grand total without the oil, is $2.63.

Lunch was skipped, since breakfast happened at nearly 11.

Dinner was a gourmet meal.  Portobello French Dips with Yam fries.

Yams= $.44 for two plus oil. French Dips=$6.18 for two, plus my daughter took a roll for a sandwich of her own making.  This included the shrooms used to make the au jus.  Which was basically mushroom broth.  I later reused the shrooms in the Risotto.


Sunday breakfast:  I took spinach and onions and reused some of the mushrooms from the broth, sauteed them and then scrambled them into eggs with a bit of feta cheese.  I made 5 breakfast wraps for the week and used what was left for breakfast.

Lunch was some potatoes I baked up and covered with a red pepper sauce with mashed avacado.  So yummy and so cheap. $3.98 for two servings, left over red sauce may be used later.

Dinner was special.  I found an Acorn Squash half stuffed with cranberries for $1.99 each. Add 1 tbsp butter and 2 tbsp brown sugar.  Bake 1 hour and my goodness it was like a party in my mouth. $5.00 for two servings.



Breakfast was skipped due to the fact that I biked to work and there was no power.  I biked to the light rail and then biked home.  I had coffee and ate leftover soup I had packed for lunch.  No cost there, this soup was a few weeks old in the freezer.

Dinner Mushroom Risotto and salad.

The total was 2.49 for 2.5 servings.  Plus an extra salad for lunch tomorrow.



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