Marriage Equality: Part III: Love Wins.





Love wins, yes indeed.  I am so proud to live in a state and in a time when love is love.  Marriage equality is so important to me.  It is just as important as women’s rights and civil rights.  As a society to cut off certain constitutional rights to groups of people is a violation of said constitution.  Many will claim that Marriage Equality destroys traditional marriage.  The reality is that heterosexuals have destroyed traditional marriage.  Marriage equality has no effect on traditional marriage.  That is like saying your third cousin’s divorce and remarriage to a black woman in a completely different state,  affects your marriage stability.  This is by far the silliest reason to deny the right  to the “Pursuit of Happiness” that has ever been uttered.






On December 6, 2012, Washington State allowed the first legal applications for all marriages.  It was historic, and inspiring.  On December 9, those couples were allowed to legalize their union.  I stood on the steps of City Hall in Seattle and watched many happy couples walk out legally married by the State.  It was incredible to be part of something so huge.  For me the legalization of Marriage Equality went beyond the idea that my friends had a legitimate right to get married.  It was about equality and about suppression and prejudices being set aside.

Imagine living in a committed loving relationship with you soul mate.  Now imagine that your love is somehow not legitimate.  It is less than your neighbors.  You love is not real, it is somehow tainted.  Imagine feeling that your love is not worthy of being legal.  Legalizing love is something should have never been in question.  You cannot dictate who you love, your heart has its own desires.




I felt the power of love the morning of Dec 9.  was so immense.  Not only was there love of the new wedded couples, but from the crowd gathered to congratulate them.  I was among those there to witness and congratulate.  I felt so honored.  It was so epic.




Sorry it took so long, indeed.  In the time it took me to get to this point, am I sorry for anyone who I have openly passed judgement on. I am sorry that religious leaders spew such hatred towards those who are different.  I imagine that during the 60’s they preached against those who had non-white skin.  I imagine that the hate-speak never actually changes, just the groups it is directed towards.  I am sorry that my parents are still not accepting.  I am sorry that small-minded bigots still exist.  I am sorry for those young people have taken their own lives due to being bullied, and not one person stood up in their defense.  I am sorry that people are phobic against things they do not understand.  This I do understand, only now, Love is love, you cannot put love in a box with a bow, it is what it is, and every single person deserves to feel love in their lives.




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