Being single again.

I swore the last relationship was it.  Never again.  Then I met this most unique and caring man.  We had our issues, most relationships do.  I realized after being with him, that i had never actually love anyone before.  I grew emotionally.  I enjoyed him so much.  I wanted to spend all my free time with him.  I was so happy with him.

We have come to an canyon.  We apparently cannot find common ground.  I am so hurt and torn over the whole situation.  I didn’t want it to ever end.  I truly thought he was perfect for me, and I for him.  Now that it has come to an end, I am sad.  Yet I know that I cannot continue the way things were, so time to move on.  I am struggling in many places in my life, this is not a great time for this to happen.  I am now seriously seeking new locations to live and new employment.  

Change can be very cleansing.  I feel as though I have done everything I can really do here.  I am now motivated with greater intensity about moving out and moving on then I have been in the past.   I wish him well.  I am angry, but more about why it happened, than what actually happened.  No actually I am angry that he never acknowledged that he might have hurt me.  Sweeping it under the carpet is the last thing I would have done, but I am not him.

As for me, I will engage into many more activities and hopefully connect on some new adventure.  I have no ties anymore, except my old dog.  Once he is gone, I can take flight and just land where I land.  Maybe this is the best for me, I can embrace it as a new adventure.  Maybe I will do one of those crazy bike treks across the country.  Maybe I will sail around the World.  One thing for certain I have no ties, no regrets.


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