Vegan Creamy Potato soup with Kale/Tahini salad

Today I made the most outstanding soup.  I had a large baking potato and three small yams or orange sweet potatoes.  I decided to caramelize half an onion first.  I caramelized it in the big 5 quart pot with some olive oil. I then added some carrots and celery.  I chopped up the potatoes and added them in.  I then added some water to the pot and let it simmer.  After the potatoes were softened, but not mushy, I added some vegetable broth.  My preference it better than bullion, but I was out of that, so I went with a pre-made broth by Pacific.  I simmered this at low heat for an hour, adding fresh thyme and chopped parsley.  I then added the final touch, coconut milk.  I let it simmer until it was frothing.  Topped it with some Moroccan sea salt.  It was tasty and vegan, my first attempt at this soup vegan and I think it went well.  Sorry I have no idea of how much I added of everything.  I go by the rule to taste or your content preference.  If you like soup runny more liquid less stuff.

I had this with some cornbread and I whipped up some tahini sauce to put over rough chopped kale.  The tahini was made with the paste, sesame oil, fresh garlic, rice wine vinegar and some water.  Just before I tossed it over the kale I mixed in some Tapatio hot sauce to give it a kick.  I added some finely chopped green onions and mixed it all together.  The beautiful thing about this salad is that you can pre-dress it and it doesn’t get all soggy.



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