Riding for a purpose.

Most of the time my rides serve one universal purpose.  Transportation, biking is my major mode of travel.  I ride to get to destinations, I either need to get to or want to get to.  Biking is part of a lifestyle of minimization, that I have chosen to strive for.  Smaller spaces, carbon free footprints, keeping in touch with nature and humanity.  My lifestyle is basically anti-everything my parents strived for.

Today my bike ride was for a purpose.  I biked with a group in solidarity against the Coal Trains in Seattle, the Tar Sands Pipeline and Climate Change in general.  It was a nice ride, we met up with a larger group and we rallied for a bit.  The organizers had determined that they wanted a people train rather than a coal train.  It was  a very cute idea.


The reality for me is that I need to get out and be more of an activist.  I enjoy these rallies and I love meeting new people.  My motivation is what is lacking.  Yesterday after going to the distillery, I came home and had a martini.  That is all I had to drink.  I made a bite to eat and watched a movie.  It was an early night so I could be up early.  I feel as though I got so much accomplished this weekend.  I biked both Saturday and Sunday, made many meals and I cut back on my liquor.  This may be a huge key, no this is a huge key to my lack of motivation and my overall weight issues.  I know this, I can deny all I want, but the truth is there.


So ultimately I am recognizing some things that need to change in my life.  I am preparing to make those changes.  I am willingly going to focus on what I need to do to be happy.  Baby steps are required, I know this.  I have made such dramatic changes in my life thus far, I seem to be stuck in my current situation.  I have been stagnated for some time.  I got lazy, I got comfortable, and I got complacent.  These are three things I would like to eliminate from my life.  These three mental models bring no growth and prevent happiness.


Today I was happy.  Happy to participate, happy to be alive and happy to make a difference.


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