Movie Review: “A Place at the Table”

I viewed the movie: “A Place at the Table”. Similar to “Food, Inc.”, it explored the downfall of our food policy. One thing that I find disturbing in all of these movies is the missed opportunity to focus on the fact that it is more about lack of nutrition. We fail to address the depleation of nutrition in a basic American diet.

This movie brought home the fact that not only had we nearly eliminated hunger in the United States back in the 60’s and 70’s, but it was Nixon who implemented the grandest social agenda towards food security for the nation. Regan undid it and took all the funding. What saddened me the most was the fact that there are people out there who actually do get jobs and wind up worse off then when they were on subsidized food stamps. You see we kick them off the moment they report they have employment, yet we do not give them the opportunity to get on their feet first. If they do not report employment then they are committing Welfare Fraud. Where is the justice in this? Where is our compassion? The next time you consider talking down about people on food stamps, remember even if they could get out, they are still not going to be able to support themselves. The idea of Welfare is to be a helping hand, not a cut you down situation. Yes there is widespread abuse, but seriously if you are so worried about people getting medical and food stamps, you are just a callous soul.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: “A Place at the Table”

  1. I do not worry about people on Welfare, Food stamps or Gov subsidized Medical…..I worry about people on these programs with the latest IPhone, Flashy car, fancy jewelry, etc…..

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