Life, join the adventure!

As I have stated in previous posts, I am preparing for the biggest adventure of my life.  I have just given my notice to the landlord.  As of April 30th I will be homeless.  As of May 28 I will no longer be owned by a paycheck.  As I brace for this new kind of life, I look around and realize what kind of burdens I am letting go of.  A co-worker came up to me last week  asking about this bike ride I am taking.  I informed her what is was for and why I was doing it.  I also informed her that I was leaving my job and my apartment and getting rid of everything I own.

She was so envious it was weird.  She told me how much she admired me for having the courage to do such a thing.  It felt good to hear this from someone I barely know.  The more I take the steps towards freedom, the more people I know realize that I really am going to do this.  Not only am I going to do this, but I am going to enjoy my life with as little as possible.  My partner is always giving me a hard time about being a hoarder.  My family is probably on the extreme edge of hoarding.  I do fight it, but unlike someone with a hoarding problem, I can let go of things.  I am choosing to do so now, before it becomes my permenant leash.

I told my father two months ago the plan.  I avoided telling my mom, since she is still upset anytime I talk about riding my bike.  Since the collision, she is freaked out about my riding a bicycle.  I called her on Saturday and asked about my birth certificate, since I am trying to get my passport.  The ride ends in Canada, and I need one for that, but since I am hoping to join the Peace Corps, I should get a real passport instead of an enhanced driver’s license.  I then told her I needed my passport for this ride, by the way I quit my job and gave up my apartment.  I expected a barrage of negative comments.  Instead I got, Oh my god I can totally see you excelling in this.  You will enjoy this so much, I wish I could do something like that.  It is one of the only times in my life where my mother supports my decisions.  Amazing things do happen. image


2 thoughts on “Life, join the adventure!

  1. Words of encouragement or support do little justice here, simply because you know what you want, are pursuing it, and you already know I believe in you 🙂

    I know im a little south of where you may travel, but also you know if you DO make it to my neck of the woods, my door is always open to you. May your wheels keep turning 😉

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