This week has been the hardest of my life. As I prepare for new chapters in my life, I was required to close the hardest one of my past. My beautiful dog, who is 13.5 years old had to be put down this week. Yesterday to be exact. It was the hardest thing of my life. I learned the value of compassion first hand yesterday. A friend was kind enough to take me and my old boy to the vet, first we stopped to have a stroll in the park and pick some flowers for my offering to Buddha for a safe transition. This friend had met my dog a couple of times, but was not really familiar with him.


While in the room, she stayed with me. I expected her to leave before they actually injected him. She was so supportive she stayed in the room with me during the entire ordeal. I did not realize how much I needed someone to be there with me. It took every ounce or my strength to not run away. With her there to ground me, I made it through. It was the hardest most heartbreaking moment of my life.

I have had my dog since October of 1999. I got him a week before my husband left me. So my dog, has been my anchor, my crying pillow and my companion for many years. I was so glad that both my kids came over to say goodbye and I got pictures with them and him. I do not post many pictures of him, simply because he never lets me get a head shot. I always end up with pics of his butt.

I am trying to come to terms with the loss. The loss that I chose to make. I know that it was for the best. Leaving him to suffer and for my daughter to deal with was not a choice. As much as I would have liked for someone else to make the choice, I believe it was the most humane choice. He was beginning to suffer and I could see how tired he was getting in his eyes.

So with this I bid you a grand farewell. Qui Gon you were my best friend for 13 years and I hope that your next life is equally grand. I love you forever and always.


2 thoughts on “Compassion

  1. My heart goes out to you for having to say farewell to Qui Gon. The love and loyalty of a owning a dog is a pure and beautiful experience to treasure. I am so sorry for your loss. love Jenna

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