Preparing to do something.

Sorry for the delay in posts.  I have been in transition for about a month.  First off, I am biking across the country on a fundraiser.  So for those that are feeling generous and would like to donate go to the website and find me.  Any donation or encouraging words are welcomed.  So on top of that, I just handed over the keys to my apartment and am now just couch surfing.  I have been homeless many times in my life, and this is the first time I was terrified of it.  It truly is different when it is your own choice and you have no dependents on you.  I also put my dog down last month and am still going through phases of missing him.  

Onto new and important details.  I have had an interview with the Peace Corps.  I have a couple of more items to nail down to finish up the process.  I will be unemployed as of May 28.   I am actually having a real difficult time feeling any loyalty to my job.  I am slacking, I completely admit it.  I think the last time I had a full 40 hour week was 4 weeks ago.  I recieved the settlement from my collision and since I am actually sitting ok, I am a bit snarky about stupid things that irritate me at work.   Knowing that there is an end and that I am not going to be completely desolate is quite liberating.  A co-worker last week made a comment about how he doesn’t hate me for leaving on this adventure, but he hates that I can.   The real interpretation is that he hates that he cannot just up and leave like that.  

As I prepare for this trip I have gotten rid of most everything I own, save my vintage hats, and my shoes and clothes.  I sent my scooter with my dad, along with my big beautiful cruiser bike.  I nearly cried when he drove off with my bike.  You know you are a cyclist when you cry at leaving a bike.  

In the process of preparing for the ride, I have been buying things for my bike and clothes for myself.  I also got a new tattoo.  As a commemorative of the life changing moment of surviving being hit by a truck.  Now that the case is settled I can discuss it a bit.  


In 2011 March 15, I was hit from behind by a truck at 40 miles per hour.   I was at a stop waiting to make a left turn.  I spent a month on a walker learning how to walk again, and many many months in physical therapy, chiropractic, massage and acupuncture.  If you are even seriously injured I highly recommend those things as opposed to medication.  Medication just makes you not care about the pain, non-traditional medicine helps you work through it.  I am by no means pain free.  Last weekend I decided it was a great idea to jump over a fence into a mosh pit.  I messed up my knee again and have a huge bruise, but I believe that pain and bruises are just reminders that we are alive.  


So as Iwork through the pain and the idea of completely giving up my life as I know it, I am excited.  I am excited to do something that most people simply talk about, but never do.  I am excited to explore the world around me and know that there is more than one way to live.  

ImageWhat I am most looking forward to, is to not live in the same paradigm that I have been living in.  I am also looking forward to meeting a variety of people and learn their stories.  I think if we take the time to listen to other, we can carry their story with us.  We are all part of the same life force, and until we all recognize this, we will never find true peace.  And true peace is my only with in life. 


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