And let the stress begin.

Last month I put my dog down, I also gave up my apartment and sent my daughter out on her own.  This week I had my last day at work.  I am going through the changes to close the last chapter in my life.  On Sunday I ship out for the adventure of a lifetime.  I have a train ticket to Savannah Georgia.  It will take me 4 days to go across the country.  I am excited to see sections of the country I have never seen.


My first day in Savannah, I arrive at 6 am, and will be sharing a hotel with a fellow rider.  My intention is to have my baggage picked up at the train station and dropped at the hotel. I then intend on having a nice breakfast, coffee and start to explore the city by bike.  Then I will bike over to the hotel around 3 for check in.

So far that is all I have planned out, but the pre-trip days are starting to wear on me.  My last day of work was Tuesday.  My co-worker made me a beautiful cake, and a lovely card.  We went out to lunch later that day.  It seems that the more people I talk to about my trip the more stressed I get.  What if I cannot make it?  What if ……., all those self doubts start to pile up.


In the last few weeks I have been more active and more connected than ever before.  I took a bus down to Portland for a Boy Burlesque show and stayed with a lovely friend.  I rented a bike that day while she worked and explored more of the city.  I have biked through the city before, but there are alway new things to see.  The next weekend I biked to Woodinville to the RedHook Brewery with an ex-coworker.   Last week I biked all over the city and gathered up last minute items for the trip.  I also got a new tattoo.  It is a chainrail with a chain and the word Survivor with the date of my collision.  It is on my chest and goes around the back of my neck.  One of the most painful pieces, and I just got it finished this week.  Too fresh for the final picture, but I will post that soon.


ImageTo top off all my stress, I am throwing a going away party on Friday.  I picked a Villiage People themed Pub Crawl.  Richard was sent out of town Tuesday morning and I miss him.  I think more because it is my last week here, and I wanted to spend most of this week with him.  I now only get two days with him before I go.  I can do this, it is only two and a half months.  As the days wind down, I am stressing about packing and wondering how I will get everything where it needs to go.

Today I packed all of my bike clothes and some of the necessities.  The only things left are my massage stick, and my technology packs.  Cellphone, ipad, ipod and possibly the laptop,  depending upon how much room is left. I spent most of my day packing and going through paperwork.  I still have a couple of items to purchase before Sunday.  But for now, I need to relax and get my mind right.



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