Trip to Savannah by Train Day 1

Today I begin the greatest adventure of my life, so far. My best boys helped pack me up and boxed my bike up and checked it all in. They then took me out for lunch and final goodbyes. As I entered the train station and waited to board, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I am going to miss my friends here. The realization that I am on my own for the next few months finally hit me. I could not do any of this without the support and love of everyone I know. Please know that each and everyone of you are very dear to me. I will carry your love and friendships across the nation twice.

I met a very lovely lady on the train, she was ever so helpful since she has done this trip many times. She advised me on how and where to get things. It is so refreshing to realize there are people out there that do not judge you by your looks, but by who you are. I look forward to meeting many people along the way. I may joke about Christians and religious people, based on my past experiences, but I do realize every single person is an individual and cannot be judged upon past experiences. I believe I will learn so much about myself and about humanity in general.

I expect that I will meet like minded people on this journey. People who have given their time and resources for the betterment of others, and the generosity this entails is powerful. No matter the differences I will have with so many people of faith, one thing remains we are all humanitarians. With this thought I am feeling the power of a movement, something greater than the individual. The strength that comes with community. I am so proud to be part of something more than what I could be on my own.




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