Day 4 Arrival in Savannah

I caught my final train out of DC and it pulled out near 8 pm. I had a glass of wine as I posted some photos and called the hotel to pick up my luggage. I met a nice gentleman that may or may not have been crazy. After a couple of hours chatting I went back to my seat and tried to sleep some. It was going to be a long night and I needed to sleep as much as possible so I did not miss my stop.

My arrival was late and I exited the train to proceed to the bathroom. The train station did not have a baggage carousel, but waited outside for you to pick up your bags. I did not understand this and missed them. I searched for 20 minutes, knowing my bike was there somewhere. I finally found a clerk who said, oh I brought it in since you did not claim it, I am guessing you have the bike. Oh yes, that is me.

I waited with all my gear until nearly 9:30 for the hotel to pick it up. I assembled my bike while I waited, only to find my brake pads fell out along the journey. I set out for downtown Savannah to a bike shop to have them replaced, I did not have the tools needed. I spent the day exploring while I waited for the bike.


This is me in the Forrest Gump Bench, at least where it stood. I also visited the Georgia Railroad Museum and that was quite a fun experience. Later I met up with the two Gentlemen that were sharing a room with me. Nate came from Ohio by Greyhound and they managed to lose his bike. He was quite stressed about it, understandably so. Tom showed up later on a flight from Denver. We were talking about having dinner later in the evening and Nate and I took a dip in the Hot Tub.
After we got dressed again, he got the news that his bike had returned. He immediately headed back to get his baby. It really is like losing a child when you have a trip like this one planned.

Once he returned we walked down the road to a restaurant. Savannah Waffle House, nothing fancy but decent food and decent portions. The waitress was astonished by us. We walked 0.6 miles and the tropical storm just dumped on us. My clothes are still wet! She asked if we had biked there, we said no, but funny you ask we are getting ready to ride around the country. She let her jaw drop and just stared at us shaking her head.



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