Day three Savannah train ride.

Today I had a 6 hour layover in Washington DC. I have never been there, so I took the opportunity to check my bags in and wander the city. I saw many things of wonder. Even though I am very much disappointed in our government, being in this city changed me in some ways. I saw a wonderful fully functioning bikeshare program. I was actually amazed by the bike infrastructure in this city.

I saw many people on these bikeshare bikes, they were a specific style and a color, you could not miss them. The traffic flowed smoothly around the bikes and it never seemed to be a cause for consternation. I visited the Postal Museum first. It was next to the station and it was easy to get to. I found the story of the dog that traveled with the mail to be heartwarming and thought it was a great tribute to have him stuffed and displayed in the museum. I saw many parks and fountains. I saw a wonderful butterfly and bee garden and an outdoor art park. The amount of people friendly places was amazing. Traffic crossings were a bit confusing for me, but I eventually figured it out. One thing I wish I had done was to actually rent a bike and zip through the streets. I officially have to go back and do this.

Back on the train it was an uneventful trip other than the Special Ops guy that sat with me as I had a glass of wine and took some pictures. He may have been crazy or he may have been brilliant, but we had a great conversation about human interactions and about racial segregation. I hate having to identify as caucasian, why can’t we just be human? I think by focusing on our differences we create that tension of racial suppression. Why not focus on our similarities? He was of the same mind, which was truly refreshing.





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