Bike Adventure Day 2

We got up late this morning and had a quick breakfast, packed up all our gear and loaded the trailer. We attend church when they have services out of respect. I suppose this is not harmful to me, but I feel a bit like a fake. After service we were invited to lunch. We did not actually get on our bikes until 1:30 today. Our ride was 55 miles to Claxton. One thing for certain, those last 10 miles are the hardest. You have to almost push yourself past what you believe you can do.

Again I was the last one in, but this time near the end I decided to ditch my panniers into the trailer. It made my bike a bit faster and lighter. I am stubborn and this bike is going the entire way.

We arrived at a Church and had a light dinner before we were transported over to the empty parsonage, which was huge. We then took turns transporting down the road a few miles to a high school to shower. Then back to the parsonage to sleep. The plan was to be up and on the road by 7, but we were about a half hour later.



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