Bike Adventure Day 3

We had a fabulous breakfast and then we were off. Today was a 63 mile ride to McRae. I have to say when they said it was going to be very hilly I was feeling a little apprehension. When I made it to the first rest stop, I felt like those were not hills, more like large speed bumps. By the second rest stop I was feeling they were closer to hill, but the last leg was some serious climbing.

I was chased by a dog, had a log truck cut me off as he pulled his oversized load out, and had a pickup truck drive past me and flip me the bird today. My odometer told me I had 4.5 miles left to go when I ran out of water. The temperature was near 93. I flagged the support vehicle down due to being out of water, once inside the van they informed me I only had 2 miles left. That was probably the most frustrating for me.

We were whisked off but some lovely church ladies to their homes to shower. Our hostess was so gracious, she kept offering us the use of her pool or beds to rest. We showered and she wanted my information to give to her daughter who lives in Port Angeles. We returned to the Church to have dinner. Unfortunately for me, the potatoes and beans were cooked with pork fat. I ate it, but I nearly gagged, I just hope my stomach does not have a revolution against me.



5 thoughts on “Bike Adventure Day 3

    • It eventually settled down. I do feel as though I should rename this adventure as: Ride Across America and adventure in Gluttony! So much food, I finally went and bought some Kale simply because my body is needing some greens!

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