Bike Adventure Day one:

Today was a short 18 mile ride. In the heat it really felt like a 1000 mile ride. I am not quite used to the weather. I was the last rider in, but I still made it in decent time. I realized only one other rider has a bike as heavy as mine. Unfortunately he had some issues and had to go to the ER to check his heart. He is after all, 71 years old.

We spent the night at a Church and were served a meal and then walked upon the beach. I had accidentally eaten my lip ring ball the night before. I found a little tattoo parlor and wandered in, but they did not do piercings. I walked back down the boardwalk and about 5 minutes later one of the artists caught me on the street and handed me this lip ring with a pink plastic ball. Unfortunately the ring was smaller than mine and the ball did not work. I ended up putting the ring from my ear into my lip. It is much bigger and much more obnoxious then my little ring, but it will work until I can get to a shop to replace it.

I found it a bit scary to ride along the highway with traffic passing me at 60 mph. I also found it strange to see Turtle crossing signs, until I saw all the dead turtles along the way. I was told that biking across the country would show me a significant amount of road kill.

We spent the night in a Presbytarian Church in Savannah. I actually got into a tossing game of frisbee. I also ended up buying a bike computer and some gel shots for energy.



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