Bike Adventure Day 4

Today was an early morning and a 92 mile ride. This was pretty harsh, many many hills. Every time we crested a hill there was a bigger one behind it. I ended up being last again, and my bum is really sore. The sweeps were awesome and encouraged me to finish. There were moments where I really wanted to just bag it. We finally arrived in Americus Georgia around 4. We stopped at this wonderful little yogurt shop and had a bit of yogurt and cooled off. We then rode with the leaders of the Fuller Center and some of the city officials. We were given a police escort. Again there were hills, and many of them.

We toured the center and then rode on down to the oldest churches in Americus. We had showers at a local University, with some very persistent cockroaches. Dinner was served in another church just down the road. There were many wonderful vegetarian options with this dinner. Back at the church to bed down for the night.



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