Bike Adventure Day 6

Today was my first ever Century Ride. Well it was supposed to be. I did pretty good all day. After the 40 mile rest stop I was rocking. I was not the last one riding and only saw the sweeps twice today. I arrived at the third rest stop with many people still behind me. I grabbed a Slurpee and some grape juice at the gas station. I felt like I could ride to the end. I waited for the rest of the group. Several of us took off together. I made it about 12 more miles and realized that my eyes were not focusing and that my balance was a bit shaky. I decided that I was no longer able to bike, I looked at the temp on my bike computer and it read 111 degrees. Yeah, I was so done. I moved off to the side of the road stood in the shade and waited for a pick up. Seriously a century ride in that kind of heat is dangerous. We actually had our youngest rider taken by ambulance to the hospital. He suffered from dehydration and possibly heat exhaustion. So if you ever feel like you are not fit to ride, you probably are not. Get off the bike and be safe, so you can ride another day.

bike ride


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