Bike Adventure Day 7: Build Day 2

Today we got a late start and headed over to several locations.  Each group worked on a specific house.  The house I worked on was donated to the Fuller Center in Lanette, Alabama.  Our projects were to tear out many trees and bushes and general yardwork.  It was not as hot today as it was for our long ride, but it was still hard to focus much past noon.  We had quite a chore ahead of us.



The second group worked on a home of a WWII veteran.  We also had a dedication ceremony putting him back into his home.  It was very moving to know that this 92 year old man was able to live on his own again.  The empowerment that living on your own brings at any age is awe inspiring.

After the dedication we all were taken out to dinner and fed quite well.  All in all Lanette is one of my favorite stops.  They provided us with cots and a pool.  The hospitality was so genuine.


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