Bike Adventure Day 8

We left Lanette and headed for Montegomery today.  84 long miles.  Somehow I managed to not be last.  Not only was I not last, I rocked it all day. I managed to maintain a 18 mph average minus uphills.  I managed to not have any real down moments even with all the hills. On the downhills I managed to top out at 32.4 mph.  That is quite fast for a heavy bike.  I am actually quite proud of myself.  I feel like I have managed to get used to the heat and my abilities are far better than I imagined.

We had a lovely BBQ in Vaghn Park tonight.  One of the other riders picked up a Portabella Mushroom for me to BBQ.  The funny thing about the south is, they really do not understand being a vegetarian, but they are very genuinely concerned about how well I liked the way they prepared things.  The shroom was perfect.  If only I could get more greens served.  I am so craving seaweed, Kale and arugula.



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