Bike Adventure Day 9

Today was a rest day.  I ended up going to the Apple Store in Birmingham with a couple of others.  My iPod seems to have an issue locking, my assesment that the magnetic closure for my bike holder may actually be affecting it.  So the solution is to push it away from the magnets by stuffing a rag at the bottom.  Seems a bit rediculous but it seems to work.  I love the little Boombotix speaker I have to hook up to my iPod for riding.  It makes those long miles between seeing others so much more tolerable.

We had  a lovely lunch at Seasons 52.  There were some issues with service due to being Father’s day, but the manager made it better by comping the entire meal.  The food I have to say was fabulous.   Having been living on non-food snobby food, I was very satisfied with what I ate.  Not saying that the food we have been eating was bad, but I am used to far more vegetables and posh foods.



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