Bike Adventure Day 10

Today was to be a century ride.  Well, supposed to be. Apparently Mother Nature had other plans.  We left the church early.  Our plan was originally to stop in UnionTown, but we were informed it was not safe, absolutely not safe.  So instead of 80 miles we extended it to 101 to end up in Demopolis Alabama.  Our rest stops were switched due to the percieved danger of UnionTown.  Stops were at 25, 50, 75 and 85 miles.  No rider was to ride alone through UnionTown.  No one was to stop and we needed to check in at the 85 mile stop.  Well, that was the plan.

It was hot, 104.  Again I got a blistered sunburn on my wrist and felt the onset of heat exhaustion.  I bagged it at 75 miles.  We packed up the rest stop after the last of the riders made it in.  I was not last this time, but I felt my body weakening.  It did not help that I only had about 2 hours of sleep the night before.

The van needed a jump at the 85 mile stop.  Everyone made it through and just as we got the jump from a utility worker a lightning storm developed.  Phone calls began rolling in.  The riders were not only stuck in the lightning storm but the rain was so bad there was no visibility.  We found the first group and a good samaritan had stopped and was loading bikes up in his pick up.  We loaded the rest and some very soaked riders clambered in both the truck and the van.  We found the second group, again that same truck had stopped and was helping riders.  We had one group of three left and a single rider still out.  The group of three we could not find but they said they had shelter so we went to the church to unload so we could pick them up.  We found our single rider and she rode past the church, so we chased her down and got her going in the right direction.

It was a quick unload and the driver went back for the last three riders.  Apparently they had another samaritan who told them to turn around and get on his porch out of the storm.  They were safe and sound.  We all made it back safe and sound.  Later that night we had homemade pizza and salad.  I was happy to be safe and dry and it is totally like a big happy family.

Strangely enough my bike went into the trailer fine, but came out with a flat.  So weird, we found a small hole and changed the tube and I patched up the original tube to save for later.

storm day


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