Bike Adventure Day 11

Today was a shorter ride, 54 miles. Goodbye Alabama Hello Mississippi!  Two states down!  We started a bit later.  My stride for the first 20 miles was pretty good.  I was ahead of many riders.  I got into a groove and just kept going.  It was a bit rainy at first so I just left my iPod and speaker in the van.  There was only one rest stop today and it was about mile 28.

After about 20 miles I could not seem to get much speed up.  Even going downhill I seemed to have no ability to go past 8.5 mph.  I finally got a chance to pull off the road and  check my tires.  Sure as crap I was going flat.  So for around 6.5 miles I had been pushing along on a soft tire, but not aware of it being flat, mostly due to the mud puddles and wet road conditions.  I took a CO2 cartridge and pumped it back up just to get me to the stop.  I noticed air escaping from the tire itself.  I had a huge gash in the tire.  I found the rest stop and flipped the bike over.  I was so mad, more at myself for not noticing earlier and working against myself. I found my new tires, but my new tube was packed in my bag, so I used the repaired tube from the previous night.  It seemed to hold up and I was back on the road.  The problem with a flat early in the day like that is that you wear yourself out and lose your momentum.  Glad it was a short day.




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