Bike Adventure Day 12

Today was not a great day for me.  I woke up and just could not seem to function well.  There was no coffee maker so no morning coffee.  I got to the first rest stop and realized I had the start of a urinary tract infection.  Wonderful, lucky the store we were set up at actually had pure cranberry juice.  I continued on at the 20 mile mark, knowing I was not feeling up for a full 80 mile day.

At the 40 mile mark I had nearly fallen asleep on my bike and realized I was in danger.  I opted to just hitch a ride the rest of the day.  It seemed to be a reasonable course of action.  Although it may seem like I am whimping out, if you have never biked with a urinary tract infection you have no right to an opinion.

The church was so nice to us.  I was put on the spot to talk about why I was there.  I flat out admitted that I have no faith but that I was looking to be part of something greater then myself.  I am posting a link to a video I was in as well, where I basically lay out why I would even want to join this project in the first place.


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