Bike Adventure: Day 14.

Today I knocked a few things off my bucket list.  We left the civic center early in the day.  Our goal was 92 miles, which I made in no time.  I actually made the ride in great time.  I was not last and I really killed it.  I managed to stay hydrated.

We rode to Rushton Louisiana and we stayed at the biggest church I have ever seen.  I actually got lost and stopped at a Starbucks to ask directions.  This lady informed me oh yeah that street across the road will take you to it.  You cannot miss it, the locals call it the castle church.  And oh what a castle it was.  Temple Baptist church was spectacular.  They were having VBS (Vacation Bible School) and it was their last day so there was this huge carnival type dinner.  There were Nachos, corn dogs, hot dogs, chili dogs, popcorn, soda, snow cones and cotton candy.  We were welcomed into their celebration.  This is what I might consider a mega church, but they had this huge focus on kids and youth.  They also have land they want to build housing on.  I did not get all the details, but they were genuinely interested in the Fuller Center projects.

So on today’s ride I totally broke the law with about 10 other riders.  We were to go over a bridge on Highway 80, and it was detoured.  So I followed the chalk marks right up the on ramp.  I saw another group of riders ride a different on ramp, so I got on the grassy median and followed them, thinking this was a loop of some sort.  Unfortunately this took me right onto Interstate 20.  I saw no signs that it was illegal to be there, but I am certain it was.  It was also terrifying.  Apparently the other groups rode to the first offramp, which was closed.  I was riding alone, so this makes it even scarier.  I also rode two miles farther to the next open offramp. In Seattle a closed offramp may have a huge drop off and this was more terrifying then the interstate.

I survived and made it to the next rest stop.  I also managed to make the entire 92 miles and felt great afterward.  I officially feel as though I earned my BadAss Badge on my neck!



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