Bike Adventure Day 15

Today was a shorter ride.  Unfortunately the heat got the best of me.  Seriously my bike computer read 105, 111 and 104 most of the day.  In case that was not clear, those are temperatures.   I held it pretty good for the first half of the day.  We took a winding back road with a nice canopy of trees.  This helped block the sun and make the ride more bearable.  The last 40 miles were mostly highway.  The highway was decently smooth, but due to my earlier experience, I am not chancing my health.  At mile 55 I came to a gas station, and I was completely wiped out.  They had to come back for me.  Sometimes I feel bad, but I realized, you can only do what you can do.  The day before I killed the mileage and probably overextended myself.
friends Our final destination was Shreveport Louisiana.  We are here for 3 days.  Tomorrow is a rest/presentation day and Monday will be a build day.  The space provided has  bunk beds.  Oh the glory of having a comfortable sleeping place and the same place three days in a row.

Oh yes, June 22, today is my 42nd birthday.  After a nice meal provided by the Covenant partner in Shreveport a group of us wandered off to find a place to get a martini.  I found the best martinis at this crazy smelly dive bar.

Of all the things in my life I have wanted to experience, one I have never really discussed with others before is my desire for communal living.  The idea of Communism fascinates me.  Not so much as a governing theology but more about a group working for the great good of the whole group.  I love the idea, and I have found this ride to be similar to a moving commune.  These complete strangers are becoming like a family to me.


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