Day 16: Rest Day

Today I attended my first Catholic Mass ever. It was the funniest church service I have been to in my entire life. A little old retired priest was subbing for the main priest who was in Africa on a mission. He was dancing on the podium in the beginning. This set the stage for the rest of the service. He kept going off on tangents and he seemed to repeat things such as do not spend your tithes at the casino or your reimbursements on liquor. There was a man in the front reading the bulletin, the priest called him out and the entire sermon he was the butt of the jokes. At the end he hollered, where’s my music and then danced out of the aisle.

After service we went downtown for lunch. We walked quite a distance and ended up in Margaritaville. A typical chain, good thing I eat some seafood or I would have been in trouble. We wandered down to the waterfront for a bit and then walked along the boardwalk. I was looking for a coffee shop, but none were to appear. Sometimes this poor Seattle girl feels as though she is in a coffee wasteland.

We rode the trolley and then walked back across the bridge and to the center we are sleeping at. Again, real beds are so awesome. We had dinner at the Fuller Center of Northwest Louisiana and then gave a presentation at a coffee shop. Tomorrow we go work on a greater blessings project.



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