Bike Adventure Day 17: Work Day 3

Today we worked on Mr. Oscar’s home. A nice elderly couple who needed help with yard clean up, a new window installation and stripping and painting exterior walls. We worked about 5 hours and accomplished a ton of work. Later we had dinner at the best hotel in Shreveport and had access to the pool and hot tub. What a fabulous night.

The one thing that sticks out for me is how grateful and how loving these homeowners are. They simply want to have a decent place to live and it matters not how pristine the place is as long as it is functional. This is a paradigm that took me years to achieve. When I was a homeowner, I wanted the biggest and the best no matter the cost. It simply was a matter or appearances. I never understood how people could live in such rundown conditions.

Years later, I gave up my ownership paradigm and focused more on living life without regret. I realized that home ownership is not for everyone. Some of us function much better in a situation of temporary, but stable. I think my biggest regret is not seeing this before my family was so strapped into debt. Seeing how the Fuller Center changes lives, I now understand the power of giving and sharing. Even if my talents are minimal, I can still lend a hand, and that is the most important thing.



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