Bike Adventure Day 20

Today was a wash for me. My right wrist/hand was swollen, so bad it hurt to put pressure on it. Nicole also missed the ride today. We however did have great fun in the van for the most part. We left Atoka Oklahoma for Pauls Valley.

We tried to feed some horses apples, they refused. Must be GMO free horseys! Driving in the van is almost more exhausting than riding is. You drive ahead of the riders and find a good location for a rest stop. You wait there for all riders to come through. Sometimes you make them sandwiches or peel oranges for them.

So the entire day was spent taking pictures, telling funny stories and the most awesome British/Irish/Australian accent from Nadine ever. We laughed so hard we were all crying. It was a great day, and Nadine actually stopped the van to go back because she saw a tarantula cross the road, no kidding.

There was dancing in the streets that day and talking to the cows and horses. Upon arrival I found some ibuprofen and iced my hand. The swelling went down a bit, but not much. Keeping your hand elevated when you are sleeping on the ground is always a challenge.




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