Bike Adventure Day 21

I am uncertain when anything less than 60 miles became a short ride? Today was a short ride. I had my hand wrapped in a gauze to try to release the pressure on the wrist. It helped some, but I ended up taking it off twice. The ride was nice, a bit warm but pleasant. I was doing great until the last 5 miles when we entered ground zero. Having never lived through a natural disaster, I have no basis for expectations. What I really wanted was the ability to turn my emotions off, no such luck.

Once we arrived I had a difficult time knowing that children died in their school. Hearing it in the news is not the same as having reality smack you upside the head and pointedly display it around you. It was all I could do to hold back the tears.

We arrived at the church early in the afternoon, and we met with the police chaplain. He then explained the fact that they had the biggest F5 tornado in history touch down with winds up to 300 mph. It then flooded the next day. On top of all that another record setting tornado came through the same area again. Seven children died along with teachers and staff in a local elementary school. My heart could not take it anymore, I lost it and began to sob. In fact every time I think about it, I cry. As a parent I cannot fathom the sense of loss and helplessness that occurs when something like this happens. Children should not die in school. This is where my anger in a higher power really boils. I cannot complete my thoughts so I will just share some photos of the devastation.






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