Bike Adventure Day 22, Rest Day

As we arrived in Oklahoma City on Saturday, I was overwhelmed with emotion. We rode through a street with massive destruction. I honestly think we rode past the school that all those little lives were lost. So devastating to so many lives. I had a hard time continuing the last five miles to the Church that night.

One thing that I kept asking myself was why rebuild after such devastation? Why would people continue to live in areas that are prone to this type of disaster. Seriously, after hurricanes, Earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, why do we as a species not run away from it? One thought kept coming back to me, and no it is not faith so much as, hope. Humans have this gift of hope. No other animal truly hold onto hope.

We get up every day knowing full well that life is fragile and not guaranteed, yet we walk out the door anyway. Why do we do this? Hope, hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better world, hope for equality. Whatever our hope is, we tend to hold onto it as though it is our life source.

Some will argue that hope and faith are interconnected. I believe hope is not the same as faith, but that they are connected, fundamentally. Faith is the hope we have in powers outside of ourself. Hope is faith that life will work out.

So even though natural disasters are devastating, those that choose to rebuild are focused primarily on hope. I have not really had a natural disaster change my life as so many in other areas have, but I do understand that idea of hope. Once you hit that lowest spot in your life, hope is the only thing that can motivate you to pull yourself out.



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