Bike Adventure Day 24

Today we left OKC and headed west. We took Route 66 for most of the day. It was a short 52 mile ride. The weather was perfect and the scenery was fantastic. Last night at the hotel a group of British Motorcyclist arrived with two support vehicles and a dozen and a half or so “hogs”. Apparently they came over and rented the “hogs” to ride a guided tour of Route 66. At one point the group got split and I was riding next to about 9 motorcycles, who suddenly at a green light just kind of went to 5 mph as they had a discussion about which way to go. On a two lane highway with a cyclist in one lane this seemed rather dangerous. I sped up so the angry drivers behind the motorcycles would not run me off the road as they passed this silliness. Over the course of the day I saw parts of this group at least 3 times. Some cyclist felt that they rode rather close to them and were rather dangerous, I never had them in the same lane as me, but they did seem to be confused and quite disorganized at times. Too bad the leads were not chalking for them 🙂

route 66

This was by far one of the more relaxing days of our ride. I spent this day, like most days alongside the sweeps. (Sweeps are two cyclist who hold back and ride a slower pace to pick up riders in need of help or encouragement.) I am ok with this, simply because I am slow, but I am still riding along. Even if I finish last every day, I am still pedaling across the country by my own power, which is a great feeling.

We had another night in “real” beds again. We stayed in dorms at SWOSU. My team made dinner tonight. We sauteed up some peppers and onions, cooked up quinoa and chicken and had some shrooms on the side. We had planned to have salad but somehow that did not make it into the cooler a few days back. Instead we sliced up an onion and three beefsteak tomatoes along with a green pepper, a salad does not require lettuce! There were no left overs, which makes repacking the cooler so much easier.

I cleaned my chain after dinner and then posted some past blogs that needed to get done, I am almost caught up now 🙂



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