Bike Adventure Day 25

Another short day. I have no idea when anything less than 60 miles became a short ride, but such is life on the road. Last night I experienced college life like most people experience it. We slept in dorms and had to cook in small kitchens. Sometimes I look back and wonder what if….. but then I would not have my two wonderful and beautiful children. I also would not be where I am at this very moment. Sometimes those weird paths lead us to a hidden road and that is what I feel my life has done.

After cleaning my chain last night and lubing it up this morning I was a bit disappointed to have to ride 3 miles on a dirt road. The road would have been awesome had I not just cleaned my chain. We spent a good portion of the day along Route 66 again. I really would love to do a bike ride along this road one day. Might have to plan that soon. On one of the side roads we were going along nearly 20 mph when suddenly I hit stopping strips. Again, traffic engineers, not posting a warning sign about these is an asshole thing to do. I hit this mini-speed bumps about 4 inches apart from each other at nearly 20 mph. I felt like Mr. Magoo in a cartoon. My brain rattled around in my skull and my hands went numb and my vision was blurred. There were two more sets of them, I was looking for them after the first one. The second one, I had an oncoming car so I nearly bit it in the ditch. The last one I just went into the other lane and avoided them altogether. Seriously these and rumble strips, make an asshole of traffic engineers.

This was the longest short ride in history. The headwinds really slowed me down. Also the fact that my left knee, not my right one started to hurt drastically did not help. I ended up with one of the sweeps today. We had lunch together when we thought we might have been off course a bit. We ended up both seeing a cute little gecko and a dead horny toad. The amount of dead things you see on a trip like this is amazing. We ended up in Elk City Oklahoma at the Presbytarian Church today. The people here are very friendly. Landon and I stopped so he could take a photo and a local stopped to ask us where we were headed because we were obviously looking at a GPS. He gave us the best directions then drove around the corner. We were to head the same way and once we got across the busy intersection, he had parked his truck and walked over and informed us just keep moving forward about 3 blocks! You could not ask for better directions then that!



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