Bike Adventure Day 26

We left Oklahoma today and re-entered Texas. The day went very smooth up until about 55 miles. The side winds nearly knock the bike off the road and then you have semis flying by adding to the push against you. I decided that I was holding the team up and that I should ride in the van to the next stop and see if the wind let up. It did not and by the time we got to the 80 mile stop the lead riders had been in town for about 2 hours. Somedays it feels like no matter how fast it feels like I am going the rest of the group is always so much faster. I am either just that slow of a rider or my bike is too heavy for me. Whichever the case is, I am sort of stuck at this point with what I have.

It also does not help that even before I start my knees are already hurting and now my wrist is acting up. I sometimes just want to throw in the towel, but I made this committment and I will continue on the best I can. The upside is that the weather is no longer my issue. If I could go back and rethink this, I may have quit my job earlier and trained more steadily, but training while working is constricted by time limitations. I wonder how other athletes train for these type of events.

I cannot focus on those moments lost I can only look forward. I was really hoping to finish today, I actually would have tried if the rest of the group had not missed two rest stops. I keep wondering how they get so fast, even running I was never fast. Then there are the hills. I actually had an average speed of 17 mph for a good chunk of the day. It helped that Mark rode along with me for 40 miles and pushed me. Maybe that is what I need is to be pushed, but I do not want to push myself into injury.

On an up note, my team made a smashing dinner, spaghetti and salad. I was happy that everyone ate and there were no left overs. This is an issue for us, we have many left overs and then we forget when and where we got them and how long they have been with us.

Today is the 4th of July and I am just not all that inclined to go out to celebrate. I kind of just want to go to bed, actually that is my plan. When laundry is all done and I have packed my clothes back up I am laying my head down and I am sleeping. Tomorrow is a 91 miler and I am hoping with the tailwinds that I can at the very least not hold the group up so badly that the lead riders go without rest stops.



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