Bike Adventure Day 27

Today by far was the best day for me.  After feeling dispondant and rather sad after yesterday, I needed this.  I was the sweep today with Nicole, who was also in the same mindset as me.  We both worked through our emotions as we rode the day out.  With a great set of tailwinds 93 miles was done in record time for me and her.

We even tried to add a few extra miles to make it a century, but after circling a parking lot twice we realized that to get that extra 7 miles we had to continue to go into those same winds that pushed us uphill at 20mph.  Yes we rode uphill today at record setting 20 mph without so much as gearing down.  Not one hill, but multiple hills.  It was almost too easy.  I wish every hill could be faced with such enthusiasm.

It helped that Richard was still awake when I was getting up this morning.  He texted me for quite some time.  He even tried to call but I had no cell phone reception.  Just having someone say they believe in you is all you need.  He said so much more than that, but whatever it was, it helped me work through it all.

On those days when I really feel like giving up, I know he is going to be there to encourage me.

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